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The best radio automation gives you the tools to create great radio.

Complete & Rock Solid Radio Automation

iMediaTouch's core modules provide your stations with the needed tools to create and execute professional sounding radio programming. From our innovative On-Air interface to our industry leading VoiceTracking modules, with iMediaTouch you can feel secure knowing you have the most reliable & tested software running your operations. iMediaTouch interfaces with all major third party log scheduling and traffic applications and works seamlessly with Audio-over-IP technology from the leading manufacturers in radio.

Everything you need to make great Radio!

iMediaTouch's core modules include the industry leading On-Air, Production, Logtools and VoiceTracking modules. Need to do more with your automation? Make sure to check out the available Optional Modules to take your station to the next level!

On-Air | Production | Logtools | VoiceTracking

iMediaTouch's core Modules work seamlessly together

Core Modules work together in harmony providing your
station with seamless automation

iMediaTouch v3 - The Best Dual Screen Interface
Enhanced Dual Screen functions
with iMediaTouch!

iMediaTouch On-AirOn-Air Module On-Air Delivery & Automation



  • Multiple Modes - Provides live assist, satellite, or complete automation operational mode
  • Non-Proprietary Hardware - Runs on non proprietary Windows compatible hardware and sound cards
  • Multiple Audio Formats - Supports Uncompressed PCM, Mpeg 1 Layer 1, 2, & 3, Windows Media and Dolby AC3 formats
  • Dual Monitor - (Split Screen) On Air software for the audio library, On Air Voice Tracking, Hot Button "Showlogs" and Phone Bits
  • Cart Screen - A static cart deck style On Air Interface
  • "Sports Log" - One daily log provides complete automated baseball broadcasts for affiliates
  • HD2 "PAD" - Interface added to CS-RDS package
  • 'Non-Stop Broadcasting' - Suite of features eliminates down-time! iMediaTouch's FailSafe and Auto-Resume will keep your station protected from dead-air 24/7/365
  • 3rd level of On-Air Redundancy - For added peace of mind
  • Discrete Audio Outputs - Includes up to nine discrete audio outputs
  • Audio Leveling - Provides dynamic audio level control for smooth overlapping audio & automatic average level detect of digital audio music genres with a user adjustable play out setting
  • User Operational Options - Operates easily with simultaneous touch screen, mouse, bi-directional Start/Stop console buttons
  • Easy Access Hot Buttons - Includes unlimited sheets of 28 Hot Buttons - customize your shows!
  • Website Integration - Completes website integration though XML outputs of Title, Artist and album of the current play-out item, and up to 5 previous or 5 future items
  • Automated On-Air Promo Builder - Offers a unique Hook Line & Seg' front sell promo builder to allow talent to build next hour promos in seconds
  • On-Air Phone Editor - Phone Bit Editor & Full Production capabilities
  • Keep your station Running - On-Air safeguard option allows users to lock automation mode or live assist mode
  • Edit Logs on the Fly - Users have the benefit of a "Swap" button to quickly make log edits in the control room
  • Sarbanes-Oxley - Tamper proof logs for Sarbanes-Oxley Compliancy
  • Pitch control – Activate the pitch feature in On Air and add some spring to your music categories
  • Multiple remotes – Up to 4 remotes can control On Air simultaneously
  • "CanCon" - For Canadian broadcasters a play percentage window for Canadian content
  • ....and many, many more features! Contact our Sales Staff for a Demo for you and your stations!


Poduction ModuleProduction Module Audio Production & Database Management



  • Rip your Music - Provides a CD Extraction system with high speed file format conversion using any Windows compatible sound card
  • Supports Multiple Audio Codecs - Supports uncompressed PCM, Mpeg 1 Layer 1, 2, & 3, Windows Media, and Dolby AC3 formats
  • Drag & Drop - Allows users to Import via Drag & Drop from Windows
  • Auto Import - Audio to current rotation
  • Stretch and Compress - Stretch and compress your audio in the Production Module's wave form editor
  • Normalization Capabilities - Normalizes CD Tracks and Audio files for consistent audio leveling
  • Promo Builder - Sets the "hook" on audio cuts for On Air Talent to create next hour promos
  • Edit your Audio - Provides easy wave form editing - Cut, Paste, Reverse Audio, Normalize and Fade In/Out
  • Auto Trim when Importing - Auto trim cuts on import NEW!
  • Export Audio in Multiple Formats - Exports any audio file to Windows Media, REAL or MP3 for web audio on demand
  • Manage your Content for Log Creation - Manages expiry and activation dates right down to the hour on audio cuts
  • Automated Features - Automated Trimming, Cut Labels and Levels


Log ToolsLogTools Module Daily Log Scheduler and Editor



  • Live Changes to Your Logs - Allows for instant changes on-the-fly or edits to an live schedule in your facility from a PD's desk, Traffic Manager's desk or remote computer
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Industry Scheduling Software - Imports logs from a wide variety of music and traffic systems
  • Auto Merging of logs and Audible Preview of your schedules before they air
  • Provides commercial auto-fill, instant notification of errors and a simple template generator for AM talk & satellite formats
  • Creates & Validates - Creates reports and validates schedules before airing
  • Reporting System - Includes an easy to use reporting system to verify that commercials were played
  • Schedule Showlogs - Schedules showlog loads for DJ shift changes and satellite drop liners
  • Program your Satellite Hours - Provides a template generator to simplify satellite content creation by breaking down the day into hour blocks
  • Summary Reports - Displays a summary report onscreen to identify exceptions during the merge process. You'll know right away if you merged the perfect schedule or what failed to play after the schedule aired!
  • Protect your Logs - Password protection for startup


VoiceTracking ModuleVoiceTrack Module Local or WAN VoiceTracking for your Station



  • Create Perfect VoiceTracks - Previews outro of last song and intro of next song while recording voice tracks
  • Volume Leveling - Adjusts volume points and segue markers on each track for tight playout
  • Insert Effects - Provides up to six elements from Showlog Panel (Hot Starts) to include in the voice track
  • Insert Music Beds - Drops a music bed under the voice track
  • Customize your VoiceTracks - Sets level controls, fade outs, fade ups and other audio controls easily by the talent
  • Automatic Features - Provides quick access to Auto Post, Duck and other quick record features
  • On-Air or Production - Allows voice tracking in the On-Air Studio (Optional Feature) or on a standalone workstation using a single audio card
  • Voice minutes left - Displays how much time is scheduled in the current hour
  • Remote Voice Tracking Portal - Our brand new 'No Compromise' Remote VoiceTracking - The Best Out-of-Studio VoiceTracking Experience on the Market!
  • Keyboard Commands - We've added keyboard commands to make every voice tracking session a breeze!


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