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Maximize your investment in win-OMT's family of iMedia broadcast software products. win-OMT provides in-depth training courses on any of our products that are conducted via Telephone, using TeamViewer.

win-OMT training can be provided either remotely using TeamViewer and at the client location. In all cases, the training is on the actual win-OMT software that has been purchased by the client so that a deep operational understanding is ensured.

These training classes are approximately 1 hour sessions and include all aspects of the iMediaTouch system software installation, configuration and operations.

Current Course Offerings:

On-Air and Voice Tracking

Program Directors and key on-air staff are the typical roles that benefit from this training. The technical trainer will guide you through the steps of learning to operate and understand the many available features of On-Air Voice Tracking program.



Program Directors and Producers will learn how to create audio with the iMediaTouch Production software. CD ripping and data entry are discussed. The feature rich operation of Production, along with organizing techniques are discussed. This course is essential to best learn how to setup the audio in a system, using your Production software.



Program Directors, Music Directors and Traffic Directors will learn about integration to 3rd party software and general log creation techniques. This course includes the interface to 3rd party music or traffic scheduling systems. Instructional information addresses configuration specifications, and the creation of the log.


Other win-OMT Software Modules

Of course win-OMT provides training on all of our software modules that a client purchases, including iMedia Logger, iMedia WebSecure, iMedia Import, iMedia Access, iMedia Pix and many more.


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