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Welcome to OMT's Product Registration.

You are required to register your OMT IMediaTouch and iMediaLogger software and obtain your authorization license once your software has been installed. This ensures that all of the features are enabled and prevents your system from being disabled after the allowed initial installation period.

If you are reinstalling previously purchased OMT software due to equipment replacement or some other reason, this same registration and authorization requirement applies.

Please review and choose the correct link based upon the software version you have installed. The required information to complete to form submission is found on the initial installation screen.

Please note that while we try to complete your registration quickly, and provide you the required authorization code on a same day basis, it may take up to 1 business day. Please take care to fully and accurately complete the required form, as this will assist us in quickly responding to your request.


Please select which software version you would like to register to receive an authorization code

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